Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Horton Hears A Who!

LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!

Easter Weekend

Hunt for Easter bucket at G&G Bices

Tyler helping the Bunny with the egg hunt

Brian helping out the Bunny

The hunt observers: Matt, Brigham and Bryson

Grabbing as many eggs as he can get his hands on

Caleb, Holden, Bailey and Kylie

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Backcountry skiing

Tyler is the third one going down the mountain
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Tyler took this picture at the top of the mountain while he was backcountry skiing

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

After Surgery

Well we SURVIVED surgery day. I was really nervous about how he was going to react after the surgery so I made Tyler come with me. He never comes to the surgeries with me so this was an experience for him. Caleb has been sick so my mom took work off and stayed with him. Holden was really nervous but he did sooo awesome! He was so brave. He had his tonsils/adnoids removed. The doc came out and said that his tonsils/adnoids were HUGE! He said from the looks of it, his airway was 80% obstructed. So we are glad we did it, but we have a couple weeks recovery ahead, no fun. My mom bought him a crayola color explosion toy and he has been enjoying that but not his sore throat!

Now for a little rant, for my fellow friends out there who also have a special needs child will understand. Caleb has had a pretty bad cough and it has been taking a lot out of him. Well from our past experience with the whole cholesteatoma crap in his ear I am very good at looking in there with a flashlight and checking it. I noticed some pus in there on Sunday and started to worry. I HATE taking him to the doc more than anything because it always feels like a waste of time, all I need is a perscription but have to deal with their stupidness. I also knew my Ped. was not in on Mondays and was left to see whomever, unfortunately it was one of them we have seen before who I don't care for. Caleb is EXTREMELY feistly and strong and very sensitive about his ears and kicks whoever tries to get near him. Well this doc looks in and says it looks like there had been an infection but couldn't see what I saw!! WHAT???? I could see it with my naked eye!!!!!! It just gets frustrating, you have to go to docs hoping they can help you out and you end up knowing more than they do. A perfect example is my friend Jenny and her little boy Jack who has a rainbow of issues, one of which is hydrocephalus like Caleb. They had him have a CT because they were worried about his headsize. She went up to Neuro afterwards to look at his scan and met up with a RESIDENT and this doc was telling her what brain abnormality she thought Jack had and Jenny had to correct her and tell her what brain abnormality he really had and the resident had never heard of it. So once again a mother was teaching the doctor. It just can be so overwhelming at times, when as mothers we don't have the degree and when those that do, don't know what to do to help us is scary. Ok off my rant until the next go around........

Holden and his crayola color board trying to smile with a sore throat!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Pre-surgery class a success--I HOPE!

Holden and I went to PCMC to his pre-surgery class. I am hoping it has lessened some of his fears. I know he is still scared because he keeps mentioning that he is. Both he and I will be really happy when this is over and done with!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Road Trip

This past weekend we took a road trip to St. George. Tyler is a member of the American RADD cycling team, and they were doing a training ride down there. While Tyler was riding, the boys and I just hung out at the park and swam in the hotel pool. On the way out of town we stopped at the temple to get a couple pictures. Also we stopped in the little town of Holden to take some pictures of Holden by the signs.