Friday, June 17, 2011

Rockwell Relay

Tyler competed in his first cycling relay.  It went from Moab to St. George, covering about 530 miles.  They started at 8:00 AM and finished the next day about noon.  They were able to finish in 3rd place, which is awesome because they went into this race with no expectations, having never done it before!  They also had the oldest man (John) in the race.  Tyler said John was pretty proud of that fact!  Tyler is already planning next year

Ready to hit the road
John, Holden, Johnny and Paul

Tyler said that he eventually decided to just hand over the camera to Holden to document the trip.  We were pretty surprised at how well all of his landscape photos turned out.  Tyler said he is now going to let Holden take all the pictures to document our trips!

Holden said that Tyler was telling him to quit taking pictures of him

Holden's self portrait, he had a lot of time on his hands over those 2 days!

Holden cheering Johnny along on his hardest leg

Another one of Holdens pictures

Third place finishers
Paul, John, Johnny and Tyler

End of 4th grade

Holden with his 4th grade teacher Mrs. Foerster, all I can say is I am sure glad this school year is over!

Holden wanted his picture taken with his friend Noah

Caleb with his teacher Glenda Stroh

But this is his aide Nancy, she is AMAZING with Caleb.  I have already posted this picture of them, but I wasn't able to get one of them together on the last day because she wasn't there.  I am so sad that Caleb will be moving onto another class, and she will be going to a different one as well.  It is hard to let go of such an amazing relationship, but she will forever be one of my favorite people!

Captain Ty

Tyler's going to be thrilled that I posted these!!
His sister Emily asked him if he would dress up like a pirate for her son Jack's 2nd birthday party

                                                             He read a book to the kids

                                   They went on a treasure hunt, and came away with quite the haul

My two pirates

Dream Night at Hogle Zoo

We have attended this event a few times.  The Hogle Zoo hosts a night for those with special needs.  We all got in for free and they provide a Chick-fil-A dinner.

The zoo has been undergoing a major renovation, so they have added all these dinosaurs.  Most of them move or spit water.  Finley was scared of them, which I have to admit they were pretty scary!  

Fun Run

Holden and Tyler ran in the annual East Sandy Elementary Fun Run
For the first time, Holden ran the entire two miles, he thought he was going to die!!

After they got done, he went to find out what place he came in.  He came running back sooo excited that he had come in 10th!  That is out of all the 4th grade boys, he kept saying that he "was in the top 10"

So of course, we had to go to Baskin Robbins to celebrate!

Summit County

It feels as though Holden had an endless amount of projects for 4th grade. For his last project they were each given a county in Utah, that they had to write a report, prepare an oral report, and make a 3D project representing their county.  Luckily he got a really easy county that gave us a lot of options. 

As Tyler was making this he mentioned that he "hoped that he would get a good grade" on this project.  They always say the child has to do it on their own, that never happens!

But we were all really happy with how it turned out.