Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I know I know, another post about Fin, I just can't help it, he is just so dang cute and fun right now. My handsome blue eyed guy turned SEVEN months old!!

He babbles all the time

He is interested in EVERYTHING around him, and must have it!

He is starting to eat solid foods

We are still working up on having him sit all by himself

He LOVES Holden

Caleb unfortunately scares him right now

He loves his bouncy seat

He already can pull his socks off

He is just plain cute and fun, I wish I could just bottle him up and keep him like this forever!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sprint to the Finish

Tyler was sent this picture taken of the sprint to the finish. I thought it was cool even though he is the one in the back!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another 206 Miles Under His Belt

I thought I would let Tyler tell about the race in his own words, since he is the one who actually did the race:
"This last weekend was LOTOJA. (September 12th)
That’s the 206 mile Race from Logan to Jackson (Teton Village).
It’s the longest single day race in America.

LOTOJA is a little funny because registration fills up so fast.
Registration opens in April which is still fairly early in the season.
So, it is always a little tough to know what category to sign up for.
I was optimistic that I would have a good season and be able to upgrade my category, so I signed up for a tougher category this year.
The good thing is that I reached my goals and was able to move up.
The bad news is that I knew the race would be harder and faster.

We had a real good team this year with some strong riders. Our biggest competitors also had a strong team.
We had 9 guys from our team (Skull Candy) in the same category and the other big team (Spin) had 8.
Besides our 2 teams, most of the other competitors were in smaller teams of 5 or fewer.
So, the race was set up to be a good one. We knew a little of what Spin was planning to do, so we had to make plans of our own.
Spin was planning to ride steady and fast and attack hard on the last of the three major climbs.
To counter their moves and throw them off a bit, we planned to attack on the 2nd major climb.
Well, the wild card was another team with only 2 riders (Bikers Edge). They attacked fairly hard on the 1st major climb.
Unfortunately, their move broke the group up pretty good. Luckily, I was able to match their moves and stay with them.
However, the acceleration on the climb dropped the rest of my team.
So, here I am only 50 miles into the race with no teammates……bummer!
I was now in the lead group of 10 but the lead group consisted mostly of Spin Guys, and Bikers Edge Guys ……Not good….
On the second climb everyone worked together and there were no major attacks.
On the third climb the pace started off slow and I ended up off the front with about a minute or two lead.
I wasn’t interested in riding off the front solo as there were still 90+ miles to go.
So, I backed off and let the group catch back up.
From there on, we worked really well as a group.
Eventually 2 of the 10 fell behind but the remaining 8 of us stayed together to the finish (4 Spin, 2 Bikers Edge, 1 Skull Candy and 1 Fast Fridays).
About 10 miles from the finish Spin and Bikers edge started to conspire to set up for the sprint.
Not good for the guy without any teammates…ME.
It was a fast furious sprint finish…..I think when we crossed the line we were going over 35mph.
I am not a great sprinter, but I hung in there and took 5th. Only 0.8 seconds off the winner.
In fact there was only about 1.5 seconds separating 1st from 8th.
In this race they give out awards to the top 5, so I was still able to squeak onto the lowest tier of the podium.

It was a fun race this year and definitely my best performance.
My time was just over 9hrs 28 minutes.
That put me into 29th place overall out of 1059 racers.
Not too shabby for an “old” guy with kids, a job and a mortgage.
I beat my previous best time by about 29 minutes.

Mandy and Finley came along for support.
They did a great job handing up food and water along the way.
According to Mandy, Finley was smiling and happy the whole time (or asleep).
The only real rough patch was when we had a fire in our Hotel….but that is another story.
Caleb and Holden ended up having a fun weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Bice.
They went to the state fair and Holden tagged along with Grandpa on some scouting stuff.

LOTOJA is tough, but I still think 1000 Warriors was harder.
1000 Warriors is shorter, but the climbs are far tougher and the hot weather was a huge factor.
It took me a while to recover from 1000 Warriors, I am already starting to feel OK from LOTOJA."
All bright eyed and bushy tailed for their 6:37 am start time

The sprint to the finish, I was holding Finley and it was very stressful to watch!!

The finsh line

The podium with a great 5th place finish

At midnight the fire alarm starting going off in our hotel, and they were frantically trying to get everyone outside. We had to wake Fin up, not so fun. The fire trucks moseyed their way to the hotel about 15 minutes later. Fin started getting cold, so Kevin brought the car around and we drove around while I fed him for awhile. Eventually I was able to put him in his car seat and he fell asleep. Come to find out someone had tried to light a fire in their fireplace in their room and it created a backdraft and lots of smoke. So needless to say they didn't let us back in until 2 am. Made for a pretty interesting night, after we were all dead tired!!

All the pictures were taken by Megan and Seth Bradley, thanks guys you are awesome. The few pictures I got paled in comparison, especially while toting a six month old around. Luckily Fin exceeded my expectations and did awesome!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Holden's Latest Obsession


He is constantly asking Tyler when they can go next

Another Repeat Performance

Tyler competed in the Hill Climbers Trophy Race again this year, although with the category 3 racers instead of the category 4 like last year.
He got first place again but with a much cooler trophy this time around!