Sunday, August 29, 2010

A boy and his puppy

Oh boy does this boy love his puppy, it is never far from him. We even have to hide it before bath time because he thinks he can take it with him. But as soon as he is out he wants it. The more tired he is the more he wants it immediately!! So here he is in all his glory with his puppy!!

Off to bed!

4th Grade

Last Monday the 23rd, the boys started back up to school

Caleb is thrilled to be waiting for the bus to come pick him up again!!


Once again we are NOT campers!! But Tyler is an awesome dad and tries to do lots of fun and different things with Holden. We went up to a campsite in Little Cottonwood Canyon and had BBQ'd hotdogs and then made smores. After dinner they took me Caleb and Fin home and then went back up and camped for the night. When they got back to the campsite some type of animal had knocked over the package of donuts for breakfast and had taken off with two of them. They just hoped it wasn't something like a bear or skunk, but you never know!!

More Summer Fun

We took the kids to Dimple Dell swimming pool because they wanted to go there again. We also hit up the Dinosaur museum and the Aquarium

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lava Hot Springs

We spent a few days in Lava Hot Springs with my family. My parents rented this awesome house for all of us to stay in. We did lots of fun things, we got there on a Wednesday night and ate dinner and chilled out. On Thursday we went to their swimming pool that has water slides and then ate at a yummy hamburger joint. On Friday, Tyler and Nathan took the kids on a hike before we hit the river. In the afternoon most of the fam went down the Portneuf River. Tyler wanted Caleb to go as well and I agreed, the first run was rough to actually get into the water, but my sister found a better place for them to get in for the second run. I got to the bottom to wait and then see a two man float--Caleb and Tyler's come down empty. They had flipped and Tyler ended up gashing up his leg trying to get to Caleb, but they both made it out ok. We also went to the hot pools and they were HOT!! Caleb even got out himself because it was so hot. That night we had my mom sister's family over for a BBQ and smores. It was a fun little getaway.
The beautiful house that we stayed in

Caleb was traveling around the house and liked to get on the pool table

Tyler taking a picture of the kids looking out from where they slept

Grandma and Fin in the HOT pools!

Caleb getting himself out of the hot pools

The hiking group

Tyler trying to rest at the pool

Getting ready for the river

Tyler and Fin and Tylers banged up leg

Making Smores

Lisa Falls

Saturday July 24
Tyler, me, Brigham and my dad took Nate, Haley, Holden and Fin on a hike to Lisa Falls.
We got to the lower falls pretty quickly, but decided to go to the higher ones but started up the wrong path and it was not easy going I was pretty nervous with these kids. But we finally made it over to the right path, and saw the higher falls, it was really pretty and clear that day!

Haley touching the lower falls

Tyler and Fin at the upper falls

Discovery Gateway

My sister Nikole and her family came to UT for a few weeks and we did lots of fun things together. We went to the Discovery Gateway, which all the kids loved to do. After the museum we took the kids to the fountains and they played in the water

First Swim

Now that school has started back up and I going to do a bunch of posts of the things we did over the summer

We went to Dimple Dell and this was Finley's first time swimming, unfortunately their pool is cold so I don't think he enjoyed it as much as I think he would have, but the big boys still had fun!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Capitol Reef Classic

Back in July, Tyler competed for the 3rd time in one of his favorite races, down in Torrey UT.
It is a two day race consisting of a Time Trial, and crit, and a road race
He came in 3rd place overall for the category 3 racers
We are sure proud of him!

During the time trial
The road race

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Oh the Wiggles
Yes, Calebs nine year obsession continues
Many people make fun of and dislike the Wiggles
But I could never hate these four men who have brought such joy to my boy over the years!
One particular memory is when he woke up at 4 a.m. in the hospital after having a pretty rough surgery, and I couldn't calm down, medication didn't even help, but I brought out his Wiggles video and he calmed right down. I could never thank them enough for what they have done. Their videos work when nothing else will.
When I saw they were coming in concert again, I knew we had to go.
I didn't know what his reaction was going to be, but he was really good. He especially loved the old "classics" and got really excited. But when they sang some of the other songs he just listened to his Wiggles radio.
The Wiggles put on a pretty fun show. I noticed there were a lot of kids there with special needs, music really speaks to their souls and I think the Wiggles are very aware of that. I am sure it is very tiring to perform a show for kids day after day. But watching them during some of the songs as they went out into the crowd, they would spend so much time with the kids, epecially those with special needs.
There is nothing I wouldn't do to try and bring a little joy and laughter into Caleb's life, and that includes watching four grown men sing and dance their hearts out!!