Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 on 2-22

I cannot believe my baby is 2 today!!! Time has just flown by!
We just love this little guy so much, he brings so much fun and joy and laughter into our home, and sometimes tantrums, but we take the bad with the good.
He is soooo smart, he amazes me daily with the things that come out of his mouth. He is now starting to string 3 words together.
He hears something once and remembers it, so you have to watch what you say!!
He loves to go out and take Caleb to the bus every morning and talks the bus driver's ear off.
He still loves his puppy and his dolphin blanket more than anything else
He loves to go to "Grandmas" house, and grandma includes both grandma and grandpa as well as Uncle Brigham-he is doing a little better on calling him Brig. He loves uncle Brigham to death and has him wrapped around his little finger, and gets him to do all his bidding.
He doesn't like to take naps, but I still make him, but he will tell everyone that he comes in contact with "no nap" even when he barely gets up from one.
He is quite the jumping bean, he loves to jump on everything.
He has what Tyler and I call a "happy run" it is almost a skip type run, it is so cute.
Every night when Tyler gives him a bath, he will go in with him while he is filling it up, and then run out, and after each piece of clothing comes off, he has to run around the house for awhile.
He now attends nursery at church, I make Tyler take him because I am a wuss, he is doing better about going in and calls the leaders "grandma".
He likes to watch "Elmo Street"
He is not a very good eater--surprise surprise. Most days we can get him to eat oatmeal, which he loves, but his most favorite thing is Hershey Hugs chocolates! He now has to have pockets on his outfits, so he can put his "chockies" in them.
We love him so much and are so happy he is part of our family!!

Stripped down to his onesie, wearing shoes, two sizes too big
Opening birthday presents, this is his concentration face and I love it! We love that he loves to look at and enjoy each present before he moves on

He loves to wear this Big Bird shirt

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet baby of mine!!