Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Seriously, I can't believe he is eleven months
He keeps learning and growing and doing new things
He cruises along furniture
Can crawl like a little speed demon
He dances to music
He loves when Holden comes home from school
Even more exciting is when he hears the garage open because that means daddy is home!
He loves Caleb from a distance
He has been working on standing on his own
He likes to look at books
He discovered he can open cupboards and drawers and loves to empty them out
He is my constant shadow and little buddy

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ski Bums

Holden found a new skiing skill......jumping. At Snowbird there is a nice jump between a grouping of trees. It can't be seen very clearly from the run, but he noticed several "teenagers" going off the run and into the trees, so of course he wanted to see what they were up to. After following them in he discovered the "cool" jump. Once he saw it there was no hesitation, he hit it at full speed.....all Tyler could do was look on in horror as he thought Holden was going to end up with something broken. Much to Tyler's surprise Holden landed perfectly. However, Tyler still thought that would be the first and last jump of the day, but Holden was hooked. For the next couple of hours the jump was the main destination for every run.

Access to the jumping area is slightly uphill. For a young skier like Holden this can be a problem. There were a few times when he didn't have enough speed to make it up the small incline before he could head back down to the jump. On one unsuccessful attempt, Tyler told Holden to just head down the normal way and atempt the jump the next time. However, Tyler having made it up and over the small incline was out of sight of Holden. So he told Holden he would meet him a short way down the mountain where the 2 trails merged back together. Tyler headed down only to find that Holden was not there. Tyler looked around for awhile and then much to his surprise he saw Holden coming out of the trees where the jump was. After they got back on the lift Tyler asked Holden how he got up the small incline. Holden responded "you know how Yoda said do or do not there is no try?, well I decided to DO. I just got down on the snow climbed up that hill using my hands and knees." Tyler spent the next few minutes trying to hold in the laughter and not pee his pants.

Tyler was unable to get a video of the jump because they were night skiing and it was too dark, but these are from the next weekend when they went to Brighton Ski Resort during the day.

I put this one in for kicks because we think it is funny!