Thursday, April 28, 2011


For your average child, your measure things according to the milestones they reach. But, with a child with special needs, there are many inchstones, which may just be a blip on someone else's radar, but they are huge amazing things in our lives.

As you all know The Wiggles are a huge part of Caleb's life. Here is my "non-verbal" son humming to one of their songs.

Friday, April 1, 2011


This picture just makes me happy!!


We enrolled Holden in Karate this year, he has been doing it for two months and loves it!!

I have really been impressed with the program, the expect respect for the kids, and doing well at school and at home. Their teacher even has to sign off that they are doing well in class to advance to the next belt.

Last night Holden was able to pass off his white belt and earn his yellow belt!! He was so excited and it is fun to watch him do so well.

The lighting in that place is horrid, but here he is accepting his yellow belt

This last picture you can barely see, but like I said they encourage the kids to do well in school, and because he earned his Mighty Mustang Award for his Walt Disney puppet, he was able to earn a blue star patch to put onto his pants!

Pinewood Derby Times Three

Holden just had his 3rd and final pinewood derby. We had some technical difficulties, which was too bad. They had to weigh their calls the night before and leave them at their leaders house. The leader called me the next morning to tell me one of his wheels wouldn't turn, we think when Tyler added more weight some of the glue got one the wheel. So Tyler tried fixing it and it just kept getting worse. But he made it doable, and at least he didn't come in last in any of the races. Holden took all three of his cars and raced them against each other, and the funny thing is the green one won, even with the wheel problem!!

Holden racing all three of his cars against each other

Minute to Win It

We are part of an awesome dinner group with 4 other couples, who get together once a month.

Last month, the hosts, Lisa and Jim had made made all the Wheel of Fortune games-unfortunately I didn't have my camera and didn't get any pictures. But that was so fun to play and they put so much effort into it. This month, Seth and Megan did Minute to Win It. Also so much fun! The bar has been raised for us, we host in May, so if anyone has any fun ideas for us to do, let me know!!Tyler Anderson trying to hang 6 hangers

Dan Summerhays doing the M&M color sorting game Tyler also doing the hangers

All us girls trying to see if we can empty the kleenex box in a minute!

Never Smile at a Crocodile

For Caleb's school play this year they did "Peter Pan." And oh how I loved it this year, so much that Fin and I went both days.

They had a little girl play Peter, and she was so darling. I sat by her grandma the second day and she mentioned that normally she is really shy, but in the play she wasn't.

And Captain Hook was probably my favorite, he was awesome, and I honestly wish everyone could have see this as well. I truly think seeing something like this changes you for the better.

Caleb's class just had a small part and did their dancing the "never smile at a crocodile" song.

Peter Pan Captain Hook
Caleb and our beloved Nancy
Here is Caleb back in his classroom after the play. They had just had lunch and were having some down time where they watch a phonics video, that all the kids love!

Oh Captain My Captain

One morning Finley put on Holden's Captain Jack headband and his Captain Feathersword hat, I thought he was so dang cute!!

Some things that he says right now are so cute:

He likes to constantly name us all, in which he also includes Grandma and Brig, but when he gets to himself he says "yours" because that is what we are always telling him. But he is getting better and will now name himself or remember to say "mine"

I love how he says "ship shops" otherwise known as flip flops.

He loves to go go go, as soon as Caleb gets on the bus, he says "mommy's car, back up" so we take lots of little outings.

Chuck E Cheese

Grandpa Kevin and Grandma Susan sent Finley a gift card to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday. I haven't been there in ages, and didn't quite know what to expect. The boys loved it! Now everytime Fin sees the commercial--which is ALL THE TIME on PBS, he says Chuck E Cheese and Pizza, because that is what we ate.