Saturday, February 11, 2012

Natural History Museum of Utah

Tyler's dad was in town to visit his Tyler's grandpa up in Logan who was not doing very well.  He had planned to spend the day with us and Emily's family.  But just as we were about to head out, he got the call that they thought Tyler's grandpa was going to make it much longer.  So he headed up to Logan, and we decided to continue on with the plans, because we were all ready.  This museum is a new one that we all had never been too.  I think the kids really enjoyed it, there was so much to see, and we passed over a lot of stuff because of the kids, but it would be fun to go back.  While there, Tyler got the call from his dad that his grandpa had passed away, but we all know he is happier now to be reuinted with his wife and Kyle.

When Monkeys Fly

Holden accomplished his first science "fair" experiment.  We had him look at the ideas online, and he choose this one because he already owned the screaming monkey.  It ended up being more difficult that first thought, but he did finish it.
I thought that his board turned out really well.  Tyler and I thought there was going to be a "fair" at the school because the parents were invited to come and see all the projects during school.  Well, when we got there, we overheard them saying if you had a 6th grader, they could get there child out of class and look at the projects.  But not if you had a 5th grader.  We go to the cafeteria where all the projects are, and no kids.  It was kind of a let down to not have the kids telling you about their projects.  Also after having seen all the other kids boards, Holden's was definately one of the better ones, I guess we spent to much time on it!  Lesson learned for next time!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011
Christmas Eve morning we went out to Breakfast with my parents and Brigham and Shanelle, because they were going to Shanelle's familys for Christmas, so we wouldn't see them.  We ate at Blue Plate Diner and it was yummy.

That afternoon we went over to Jan and Dougs house for a little get together.  The kids did the Nativity Scene.  Holden was Joseph, Bailey was Mary, Jack was a shepherd, and Finley was a wise man.  It turned out pretty cute.  We then played the "Pirate" white elephant game, which was pretty fun.  Then Jan and Doug gave the kids each a present.

My parents slept over Christmas Eve.  Unfortunately I started not feeling to well that night and ended up feeling nauseas' all night.  Fun.  But the boys got up and were ready for their presents.  Finley wanted a toy microwave and loved it!!  He also received a train.  Holden got a machine nerf gun.  Caleb could care less as usual, as it was just another day with the Wiggles.  We luckily had 11:00 church, so Tyler made a Kneaders breakfast that I had planned, which I had no appetite for.  We had an easy afternoon, where we all took it easy and hung out.

Blue Belt

Right before Christmas, Holden earned his Blue Belt in Karate.  He is excited because he now moves onto the advanced class, where he will begin to learn how to Spar.

Holden with Mr. R

Kirk Family Get Together

The day before Thanksgiving, we had Tyler's brother Landon and his family who were visiting from out of town, and his sister Emily and her family, Jan and Doug and Grandma Nuttall over for dinner.

Here are 3 of the 4 babies born in 2009.  Maybe someday we will have all 4 of them together at once
Kambrie, Finley and Jack

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

Caleb's school did their play this year in the fall instead of the spring because the Music Therapist, who runs the show is having a baby next month and will be out for a few months.

This year they put on Beauty and the Beast.  Even the music therapist got a little choked up when she was introducing the show.  She said she didn't realize the full meaning of doing this show until she saw the kids performing it.  They may not look and talk and act like we do, but inside they are just as amazing if you take the time to get to know them.  It never fails to bring tears to my eyes.  My favorite character this year was the Beast. ADORABLE!!

Caleb did awesome this year!!  No crying or trying to sit down.  I wish I could have gotten a better video but oh well.  I even went both days trying.  But he played the role of "Pepper" in the Be Our Guest scene.

Once again I have to mention those that work with these kids.  It must be so physically and mentally tough, but they love these kids and it shows!

I heard this saying recently "If we threw our problems and challenges into a pile, and saw everyone else's, we would grab ours back"  There are moments with Caleb, that I wish things could be easier, not only for us, but mostly for him.  But I am grateful that having him has given us the opportunity to surround ourselves with such wonderful people, that we otherwise would not have come to know, and I am grateful for their help along our journey.  The wonderful Nancy, who we miss more than she will ever know, said to me once that it is hard and a lot of time crappy work(pun intended!) but she loves them too much to not do it.  A true work of heart!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

My Country Tis of Thee

Holden participated in his 5th grade program.  They are learning about the United States and the Presidents.  He did really well and knew all the songs and even had a tiny speaking part.  One advantage of him being smaller is that he is usually on the front row!!