Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Thank You!!!

I just wanted to thank you all for your GENEROUS donations for the Hydrocephalus Walk that I will be walking, or rather gimping along in on Sat. Sept. 22nd. We far surpassed our goal of $500 and that is all because of everyones generousity on behalf of Caleb. Thank you!!!!!

There is still time to donate if anyone else would like to.

Your Smile
By Janet Gresham

My child,

Your smile tightens our heartstrings,
pulling our love into a great big bow.
Your smile streams like sunshine through trees,
sprinkling laughter in the shade.

Your mind may never ponder metaphors.
Your eyes may never follow clouds.
Your feet may never scamper barefoot.
Your fingers may never pen a letter.
Your voice may never say "I love you."

Yet, my child,

You are granted power to teach patience,
unabridged love.

To those who pause their world
long enough to know you,
you give yourself and smile.


Emily Warnick said...

That made me cry! Sweet boy!!!

Meredith said...

oh, mandy! that made me cry! i just love your boys! i wish i could contribute something, but with thomas having been out of work for so long... good luck walking! and if there is another one next year, let me know.

Dana said...

as if I'm not an emotional wreck already. Good luck withthe hobble/walk!

nickparkemjamom said...

You are so good! I just don't have the energy! I keep thinking we need to do it! What do I need to do! Is it easy!? Email me!

Is your foot still bad? UGH!! Hopefully we'll see you there!!