Thursday, October 25, 2007

Twilight Series

I got into the hype of reading these books and borrowed them from a friend in my ward. She is obsessed, she has read them 3 times. She held a daytime book club today and went all out. She had treats that went along with the book, prizes, and we had a huge turnout of 16 people. It was chaotic most of time but a ton of fun as well. If you need a good book to read might I suggest these, because I enjoyed them very much.


Emily said...

I just finished Twilight...I like them...I thought it was interesting that in the end of the book Bella's mom moves to Jacksonville, Fl! ha ha...I am excited to read New Moon.

Emily said...

I am surprised by the following that has happened even outside of UT...but I dont think her books are as hard to find outside of UT--not sold out everywhere...that is what I meant on my blog! But I think it is so cool that it is so wide spread and popular all over! :) Funny that we posted similarly today!

Dana said...

I really liked them too. I hear its still a year away until the last one. Boooo!