Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Festival of Trees

Today I went with Calebs class to the Festival of Trees. For those of you who are not familiar with this. People decorate these beautiful trees and donate them for auction and all the proceeds go to Primary Childrens Medical Center. Caleb was a really good boy and I had a good talk with Isabelle's mother.

Caleb, Isabelle and Jade with their teacher Penny


Jill said...

Fun outing! Did Caleb like the lights and trees?
I can't wait to see your new page soon!

Betsy said...

It looks like Caleb has great field trips! Supportive parents like you make the teacher's job a whole lot easier...especially on field trip days! If his teacher's haven't thanked you up and down, consider it done from me. When are we getting together again?

Emily said...

That's cute! Mervyn's usually does one...did you see one by Merv's? Caleb is such a sweetie!

Emily said...


Ashley said...

Love the layout! :) That's so much fun! She was fast! Sad I didn't win.....oh well. :) Glad you did! Looks great!

What a fun field trip. I hope the trees were fabulous this year. I hope all the kids had a good time. Good idea to take them there! Thanks for sharing!