Friday, February 15, 2008

My Sweet Valentine

It was a pretty crazy day around our house. It had snowed quite bit the night before. Tyler took Holden to school as he usually does and he called and asked if they had school because no one was around. He went into the school and they said school was delayed 2 hours! So he came home while I was snow blowing the driveway and played in the snow. Caleb's school was also delayed so I just took him because they were having a "dance." These kinds of things freak Caleb out so he wasn't very happy during it. I didn't get pictures of Holden at school but he came home so excited to show me all his goods. Tyler had to go to a meeting up in Heber at 6, so he came home about 7:30 and we went and got dessert at Dairy Queen.

My sweet Valentine

They tried to get a class picture but all the kids were trying to escape

Caleb and Isabelle

Caleb and Sallie


Emily said...

Cute! Are those his girlfriends! I love the class picture of all the kids escaping! ha ha! That is cute that you guys went out for icecream! How sweet!

Jill said...

Cute pix!!!! You had a more eventful day then me for sure :)

Ashley said...

So darling! Love the glad you got them! :) Love that you were snowblowing too! You're amazing! Happy Valentine's!