Friday, June 13, 2008

100 Things

Since Today being Friday the 13th as well as my 30th (gasp) birthday I thought I would share 100 things about myself.

1. 30 years ago on this day I was born

2. In July Tyler and I will have been married for ten years (another gasp)

3. My favorite icecream of all time is pralines and cream from Baskin Robbins

4. I must always know what time it is

5. Therefore I never am without a watch on

6. I cannot wear any type of clothing on my neck, turtlenecks really creep me out

7. But I can wear necklaces, go figure

8. I had to get glasses when I was in the second grade, sadly I don't remember what it was like

to see

9. I would love to take a photography class someday

10. I have absolutely no sense of style

11. I am open to having someone help me in that regard (hint hint)

12. I do however love makeup, it makes me feel better about myself when I wear it

13. I took piano lessons as a child

14. I am not a fan of rollercoasters, for all the Utahns out there I have never been on the collosus at Lagoon

15. My favorite cookie is a sugar cookie with lots of buttercream frosting on it

16. I developed asthma out of nowhere 3 years ago

17. As a child I never learned to swim because I was too scared too

18. So I am determined that Holden will learn to swim, luckily he loves it

19. I still have a fear of open water

20. I have anxiety when I am on a boat out on the lake

21. I am never without something to put on my lips

22. My current favorite is the CO Bigelow lip shine from Bath and Body Works

23. I hate throw up, whether is comes from a stranger, my children or myself

24. Ten years ago I was in a roll over accident and walked away without a scratch

25. But I did pass out in the ambulance on the way to the hospital

26. I have a very low pain tolerance

27. My vision may be bad but I have really good hearing

28. Reading books has always been one of my most favorite things to do

29. Three years ago I experienced my first kidney stone

30. I had to have it surgically removed because it was so big, NOT FUN

31. I hate the sounds of balloons popping

32. When I was a freshman in college, I went to my roommates house in Montana and was able to fly a crop duster plane--talk about sweaty hands!

33. While in Montana I also rode a horse for the first time at her house

34. Math was always my worst subject

35. I love to watch basketball on TV Go Jazz

36. I hate to watch football

37. I am a hypochondriac I worry I have every sickness or disease out there

38. I am part of a monthly Bunco group with my friends

39. I hate to garden

40. I hate weeds even more than I hate to garden

41. I love vegetation killer

42. I enjoy scrapbooking

43. I enjoy making cards and paper crafts even more

44. I clench my teeth at night

45. I grind my teeth at night when stressed

46. Tyler claims I talk in my sleep but I don't believe him

47. Someday when the Lasik procedure improves I want to have it

48. One of my least favorite things to do is give Tyler and the boys haircuts

49. I took dance lessons as a child

50. I have never water skiied--reference back to #17 and #19

51. I have never snow skiied

52. Both of my pinkies are crooked

53. I own a sewing machine but don't know how to sew

54. I never have liked to layout in the sun

55. I broke my foot last summer in a swimming pool

56. I also sprained my ankle at the same time

57. I love the sound of water going down a drain.

58. We live in a 45 year old house and the bathtub doesn't like to drain

59. I married quite the handy-man

60. When I was twelve we are in CA in the ocean and a wave took my glasses off

61. My brother was maybe 10 feet away and stepped on them

62. A miracle they were found and not broken

63. I have learned how to do many medical procedures, but not by choice

64. My first year at Ricks College I worked as a secretary for the football coaches

65. My second year I worked for the Athletic Director

66. Tyler was my first and only boyfriend

67. I went back to work two weeks after having an emergency C-Section to continue our health insurance, because I had two preemies in the NICU

68. I perfer to let Tyler drive the car

69. I always fall asleep watching movies at night

70. I love the sound of windchimes

71. I am a TV Junkie

72. I love wearing a brand new sweatshirt

73. I love sugar in all its forms

74. Especially candy

76. I can't stand having dry hands

77. I must always have lotion nearby

78. If I could only have one item on a desert island it would be Aquaphor

79. I think touching raw chicken is gross

80. But I don't mind touching raw hamburger

81. At one of my last ultrasounds to check the boys, they found a leg bone and concluded that there had been a 3rd baby at one time!! AHHH

82. One of my favorite movies is Family Man

83. I hope to someday live in a house that Tyler designed

84. Growing up we would have hot buttered Oh's for a treat. They are cheerios with melted butter poared over top. Don't knock it till you try it.

85. If I have to use a pencil it needs to be a mechanical one

86. I met my soulmate friend my first year of college. Jeni and I could read each other like a book.

87. I would love to someday live by Jeni

88. The color of Holdens eyes always take my breath away

89. I am lucky to be the mother of a perfect spirit

90. I call Caleb my angel baby because that is what he is

91. I have met some amazing people that I would not otherwise have been able to without having Caleb as my son

92. I frequently dream that I am going somewhere but never have my contacts

93. I love that Tyler makes our bed every morning

94. Another dream I have is being chased by bad people and none of my doors will lock

95. I love the smell of new tires

96. I have always been intrigued by lighthouses

97. I have never mowed the lawn

98. But I have snowblowed the driveway

99. I am not a night person

100. I hope to have at least 30 more years with my family


Jill said...

Wow! Well done. I don't know if I could think of that many things about myself :) That was fun to read...I learned a few new things.
Happy birthday!!!!!!! Hope you have a good one!!!!!!!!

Betsy said...

Happy Birthday Mandy! So here's a question for you: If you like the smell of tires, do you enjoy eating pizza at Costco right by the tire section? You get to smell those tire fumes while eating your pizza! Only curious because I complain about it everytime I'm ething there. Hope you have a fun night with your family!

jan said...

That was really fun to read. You forgot to mention that you are amazing!

Ashley said...

What fun to read! Thanks for sharing. And I hope you had a great birthday! It was great fun reading those things about you. I'm with Jill...I don't think I could think of that many things! Way to go! Happy Birthday!!!!

Matilda said...

Happy Birthday!!

Great list! Although...I think you cheated a little... ;)

I hate dirty hands. So I wash my hands alot, and then they are dry, which I hate too. I hate when I can SEE the dryness, more than feel it!

Oh, and I think you're amaing too!! :)

dana said...

I knoq I am late on this (cause of the move) but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
iSN'T so exciting to be 30 (kinda feels alot like 29 to me) I hope you day was great and I loved your list.

Jeni said...

Happy Birthday! That was really fun to read, several of them could be for me too! I don't know if I could do that, I would have to think really hard. I forgot you had to go back to work after you had the boys. Wow! You are amazing, and I hope you are around more than just 30 more years! :-)

Emily W said...

I usually don't like reading those, I usually get kinda bored--but I couldn't wait to read them all! That was so interesting! I learned a lot about you! You are so cute! I think it is so cute that Tyler was your first and only boyfriend! Tyler had glasses at an early age too--talk about meant to be! I am dumb, I know! :) That was really fun though! Oh and I have a few solutions for you: move to FL and you won't have dry hands, talk Jeni into moving there and you will be by her :), Holden will become an excellent swimmer and surfer! And you can conquer your fear of water! Ok, I just want us all to move there! :)