Thursday, April 23, 2009

TWO Months!

Time sure does fly when you are growing double chins, and rolls on your thighs!!
Finley had his two month check up today, here are his stats:
Weight: 11 lbs 5 oz
Length: 23 inches

OWIE! He got one oral immunization and three shots, not a happy camper or a happy mom to have to watch it!


Presley family said...

He is soooo cute!!!!!! Oh, I just can't take it!!!

Ashley said...

OH HE IS SO CUTE! I need to eat those cheeks! :) LOVE HIM! I am on my way to come see you! :) Ok...really him. :) He's PRECIOUS!e

Heather said...

He is adorable and I'm loving the chubs on his legs! So sad when they get those shots :(