Sunday, August 23, 2009

1000 Warriors

Yesterday Tyler competed in the 1000 warriors cycling race. It is known as the hardest stage in the Tour Of Utah for the Pro Racers. Last year it was just a "ride" for those who wanted to participate, Tyler wasn't able to sign up. This year they made it into a race, it was 95 miles, with lots and lots of climbing mountains. Tylers mom Jan and her husband Doug were his feed support at Sundance Ski Resort, then they met up with me, my dad, Holden and Finley in Highland for the second feed zone. We barely made it to the next feed zone before him, so then we zoomed up to Snowbird Ski Resort for the finish. Tyler crossed the finish line first in his category. The heat was brutal, nearing 100, and even hit 86 up in the mountains, so he said it was one of the hardest races he has ever done!

Patiently waiting for daddy to cross the finish line

Here he comes!!

Holden hit up the Skull Candy booth for all their free SWAG!


Emily W said...

CONGRATS TY! That is so cool! Wish I could've seen ya--but I WAS there!!! :) ha the car, but there! That is soooo cool!

Nikole said...

Tyler is AWESOME!! Can you blow some of that heat our way?