Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I know I know, another post about Fin, I just can't help it, he is just so dang cute and fun right now. My handsome blue eyed guy turned SEVEN months old!!

He babbles all the time

He is interested in EVERYTHING around him, and must have it!

He is starting to eat solid foods

We are still working up on having him sit all by himself

He LOVES Holden

Caleb unfortunately scares him right now

He loves his bouncy seat

He already can pull his socks off

He is just plain cute and fun, I wish I could just bottle him up and keep him like this forever!!!


Jeni said...

Cute! I too wish we could freeze them at certain ages for a little while longer. Time goes too fast!

Brian and Beth said...

These posts always make me baby extra baby hungry. You guys make really cute kids!

Emily W said...

CUTE! That is all there is to it! And looks like he likes tummy time more! And the hair is growing, too!!! So fun!

Brenda said...

What a sweetie! I love this age too. They are still babies but really have their own little personalities shining through. I love it!

amber said...

He is definitely adorable! In one of those pics I see Holden completely! I wish you could bottle him up too, so I could meet him before he turns 2! :)

Jessica Jo said...

I love your posts about Finley! I can just totally relate! This is such a fun age, they are so yummy :)

Heather said...

there is nothing like a sweet chunky baby. He is at such a fun age! I'm so glad I'm going to get to experience it all again. What a yummy boy you have!

jan said...

I love those pictures of Finley. He is so cute and looks so happy. I also cried when I saw Caleb looking so old for scholl. And Holden, what a big brother now. I miss you guys. Birthdays are coming!