Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Thursday was a busy day of Halloween parades, dress-up, and parties. It wore my little guy out!

Everyone patiently waiting for Holdens parade

No he is not a cow, he is the cutest little puppy ever!

Getting tired already and the parade hasn't even started

Really hard to tell, but he is Indiana Jones, the 3rd grade does this annoying thing, where they are supposed to be a character from a book, and then redraw the cover of the book they are from. So he is covered by his picture, but he was cute anyway!

My amazing Superman

He was so tired and done by this time

This was one of those proud mommy moments, I don't think anyone knows how BIG this was that he was walking!! He has such a hard time with transistions, and when he doesn't know where he is going he just sits down. So before, he would have to ride in a wagon or something, but they are working so hard with him to be comfortable moving from one thing to the next. Nancy, the lady in front of him, is AWESOME! She is the aide that works with him and she is so patient and loving with him, I couldn't have asked for anything more. You can maybe hear me say to her that he was walking, and she says that he is doing wonderful. We truly have been blessed by those that have worked with him at this school.


Brian and Beth said...

I love all of their costumes! So cute!

dana said...

Your boys are sooooooo amazingly cute. They look great in their costumes!

Jessica Jo said...

Fun costumes, Finley is an adorable puppy! Isn't this first year flying by?

Heather said...

Love the costumes, and your baby is an adorable dalmation!