Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Once again another month has gone by and Fin is now ten months old! If I had to sum him up in just a few words, it would have to be full of life!!! He is going from the minute he gets up to the minute he goes down, there is no stopping. If personalities can be inherited he definately got Tylers. He is very strong willed and determined. A lot happened with him this last month.
He learned how to get back to a sitting position from laying down
He got his first tooth
He now can crawl on his knees but still perfers the army crawl for now
and for his latest development, he can pull up to stand, and he is so proud when he does
He brings such joy into our home, but he sure keeps us on our toes!


Emily W said...

That is sooo cute! ha ha. How fun! Boys are so busy! Bay is busy now...but she wasn't nearly as grabby and needing things to entertain her like Jack! Jack just barely started putting pressure on his legs and feet..he is far from pulling up to a stand! ha ha. Fun is so cute!

Brian and Beth said...

So precious!

Brian and Beth said...

I heart that video! Is that one of those purses from Navoo that flips out into a doll crib? Those are so sweet!