Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Seriously, I can't believe he is eleven months
He keeps learning and growing and doing new things
He cruises along furniture
Can crawl like a little speed demon
He dances to music
He loves when Holden comes home from school
Even more exciting is when he hears the garage open because that means daddy is home!
He loves Caleb from a distance
He has been working on standing on his own
He likes to look at books
He discovered he can open cupboards and drawers and loves to empty them out
He is my constant shadow and little buddy


amber said...

He is getting SO big! What a cutie. Grayson thought the last video was hilarious!

Bugg's mama said...

His eyes are BEAUTiful!

Nikole said...

I loved Holden's singing! What a great big brother he is!