Friday, April 1, 2011

Never Smile at a Crocodile

For Caleb's school play this year they did "Peter Pan." And oh how I loved it this year, so much that Fin and I went both days.

They had a little girl play Peter, and she was so darling. I sat by her grandma the second day and she mentioned that normally she is really shy, but in the play she wasn't.

And Captain Hook was probably my favorite, he was awesome, and I honestly wish everyone could have see this as well. I truly think seeing something like this changes you for the better.

Caleb's class just had a small part and did their dancing the "never smile at a crocodile" song.

Peter Pan Captain Hook
Caleb and our beloved Nancy
Here is Caleb back in his classroom after the play. They had just had lunch and were having some down time where they watch a phonics video, that all the kids love!

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