Friday, June 17, 2011

Rockwell Relay

Tyler competed in his first cycling relay.  It went from Moab to St. George, covering about 530 miles.  They started at 8:00 AM and finished the next day about noon.  They were able to finish in 3rd place, which is awesome because they went into this race with no expectations, having never done it before!  They also had the oldest man (John) in the race.  Tyler said John was pretty proud of that fact!  Tyler is already planning next year

Ready to hit the road
John, Holden, Johnny and Paul

Tyler said that he eventually decided to just hand over the camera to Holden to document the trip.  We were pretty surprised at how well all of his landscape photos turned out.  Tyler said he is now going to let Holden take all the pictures to document our trips!

Holden said that Tyler was telling him to quit taking pictures of him

Holden's self portrait, he had a lot of time on his hands over those 2 days!

Holden cheering Johnny along on his hardest leg

Another one of Holdens pictures

Third place finishers
Paul, John, Johnny and Tyler


Diana said...

Awesome! That's a great way to break into a new race! And it looks like Holden is going to be quite the photographer!

Emily said...

So cool! Good picture taking Holden! :)