Friday, February 10, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011
Christmas Eve morning we went out to Breakfast with my parents and Brigham and Shanelle, because they were going to Shanelle's familys for Christmas, so we wouldn't see them.  We ate at Blue Plate Diner and it was yummy.

That afternoon we went over to Jan and Dougs house for a little get together.  The kids did the Nativity Scene.  Holden was Joseph, Bailey was Mary, Jack was a shepherd, and Finley was a wise man.  It turned out pretty cute.  We then played the "Pirate" white elephant game, which was pretty fun.  Then Jan and Doug gave the kids each a present.

My parents slept over Christmas Eve.  Unfortunately I started not feeling to well that night and ended up feeling nauseas' all night.  Fun.  But the boys got up and were ready for their presents.  Finley wanted a toy microwave and loved it!!  He also received a train.  Holden got a machine nerf gun.  Caleb could care less as usual, as it was just another day with the Wiggles.  We luckily had 11:00 church, so Tyler made a Kneaders breakfast that I had planned, which I had no appetite for.  We had an easy afternoon, where we all took it easy and hung out.

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