Saturday, February 11, 2012

When Monkeys Fly

Holden accomplished his first science "fair" experiment.  We had him look at the ideas online, and he choose this one because he already owned the screaming monkey.  It ended up being more difficult that first thought, but he did finish it.
I thought that his board turned out really well.  Tyler and I thought there was going to be a "fair" at the school because the parents were invited to come and see all the projects during school.  Well, when we got there, we overheard them saying if you had a 6th grader, they could get there child out of class and look at the projects.  But not if you had a 5th grader.  We go to the cafeteria where all the projects are, and no kids.  It was kind of a let down to not have the kids telling you about their projects.  Also after having seen all the other kids boards, Holden's was definately one of the better ones, I guess we spent to much time on it!  Lesson learned for next time!

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