Monday, August 27, 2007

Mixed Emotions

The boys first day of school, what more can I say. With Holden heading off into the big world of 1st grade, my anxieties were mostly whether he would have time to eat all his lunch and that he wouldn't talk too much and get in trouble, because he is quite the little socializer. But yet I was excited for him to start venturing into the world and making his own choices, and learning how to get along with others and starting to become more independent.

On the other hand it was very hard to send my "baby" into the real world of all day school. Sending my little angel boy with a perfect spirit out into the big bad world has been a lot more difficult. I know that he will be well cared for and will hopefully be learning new things, but I feel a void in the empty house with him not here. He brings such a sweet spirit into our home, so that when he is gone it is very apparent. I need to let him go out and experience the world but it is just a little harder.

Many of you ask what will I do now, I have many things to keep me busy in my day, and plan to volunteer in both of the the boys classrooms and be involved in their education. Full time school is still new but I am sure we will all fall into our routines and it won't be so hard, but that day can't come soon enough.


jilly the hillbilly said...

Oh my gosh, I would be dying!! I am having a hard time just letting Tanner go twice a week for a few hours. You are going to have a big change! I hope you enjoy it and it all goes well. The boys are so big!!!!

nickparkemjamom said...

They are both such angels! What a lucky mom you are!

I can't imagine how your day must have been! YIKES! I'm with ya, on the scariness for both of them!

I'll be thinkin about you tomorrow! Maybe we should have lunch or something, sometime! I HAVE to clean favorite thing!

Their pictures warm my heart!!


Ashley said...

I hope all went well today! Will you help me get ready for Kylie doing this in 4 years?! do you do it?! What time did Caleb end up getting home? Good seeing you today and hope that all went well for Caleb at school! Will see you in a few days!

Dana said...

Ohhh, I remember that. It just killed me to let Jayden go all day mlast year BUT she loved it.
You are such a good mom to worry about your boys!

Emily Warnick said...

OH, "our" boys grew up too fast! I wanna hear how it went!!! How did Holden do? SO cute! Caleb is a sweet angel! They are both so special! I just love them!

Meredith said...

they are so cute, mandy! i don't know how you are dealing with letting them go to school! i miss your little family!