Monday, August 20, 2007

Whirlwind of a Weekend

We had quite the weekend. On Friday we went to Lagoon with my parents and Brigham. It was really hot, so it made the lines miserable. But we still had fun on all the rides. Tyler and my brother Brigham rode a lot of rides together and had fun. Holden said his favorite ride was the "express" the musical express is also my favorite.

Saturday morning we got up early and drove to Boise for Tylers grandparents 80th birthday celebration. It was a lot of fun to see all his family and Holden had fun on his "vacation." On Sunday we unfortunately had to turn around and drive the 5 hours back home, we were sad to leave. But it is good to be home.


Emily Warnick said...

Cute slide! I love it! I hate, however, the picture of me in that pic of Bryson, Bay and me! Yikes!!! But your pictures turned out good...can you send me the ones I took with your camera? So cute!

jilly the hillbilly said...

cute slide show...busy weekend, but looked fun! so the party was good? it looked pretty fancy. fun stuff!