Thursday, July 24, 2008

The big 10!!

Yesterday Tyler and I celebrated our ten year anniversary!! We celebrated it the night of the 22nd because Tyler and his brothers and dad were leaving early this morning to head out on a backpacking trip. We went to Midway, UT and spent the night in the Blue Boar Inn bed and breakfast. We bought a package that included a ride in a hot air balloon the next morning. We also rented scooters from the hotel. It was a fun relaxing day. Although tiring, to have to be up at 5 to do the hot air balloon, but it was fun and worth it!

The Blue Boar Inn

Our room

Filling up the balloon

Ready for takeoff

Up up and away

Tyler took this picture after we were dropped off and the next group was on their way up

Big man on a little bike!


Emily W said...

How freakin fun!!! I want to go!!! That is awesome!! you will have to tell me where you got this package--although, thinkin of it now...Bryson wouldn't go with me! What am I thinking? Looked like fun! Happy 10th!!! I thought of you guys on that day! :) Oh, and those pictures below are cute--that was a fun little getaway to central UT--I like any getaway!

Amber said...

That sounds soo fun!! I've always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon!

dana said...

awwww, you two love birds are so cute. I remember RICKS way back in the day when Tyler was our FHE bro. Congrats!

Jessica Jo said...

Happy Anniversary! What a fun way to spend it!

julesttdmom said...

Thanks for the tip. They want to publish the poem. It looks like you had a blast!! Oh it has been years since we got more than just a trip to a "local hotel" They just can't handle Collin any more.

Megan said...

I love your blog. I'm glad to see Tyler settled for a balloon ride, instead of jumping out of a plane again!

julesttdmom said...

I am sorry that it has taken so long to get back to you. No, I do not make the hats.. I wish. I buy them at a place in LA...(that is why I can sell them so cheap.) I can have as much leapord print ribbon as I need, why?? I hope all is well!!

julesttdmom said...

Sorry about that... who knows what I was thinking.. I knew it wasn't for you. I tell you.. no sleep sure does make you do crazy things! wink!!! How are y'all doing? Please forgive me!! BIG HUGS!julie

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness, how fun!!! I CAN"T BELIEVE you guys have been married for 10 years!!! Time flies! Em and I were still in high school back in those days!
It looked like you guys had a great anniversary!

jan said...

Finally got around to checking the blogs and so excited to see your fun trip! Glad you pulled it off. Looks like fun.