Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Capitol Reef

We spent last weekend in central Utah, for what you may ask? For the Capitol Reef Classic Cycling Race of course. It consisted of a time trial, circut race, and a road race. He did quite well in the first two and through a series of unfortunate events he didn't do so well in the road race, therefore ending up tenth overall. But he really enjoyed the two days of racing. The boys and I hung out at the hotel and Holden played with our friends three girls that had come as well. On Saturday we had to check out of the hotel before they would be done so we drove the kids into Capitol Reef Park and looked at Petroglyhs and went and made sandwiches to eat. Holden had fun playing with the girls and Caleb is a pretty good traveler wherever we go so it all worked out.

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dana said...

wow, mandy. That place looks really neat. Glad to hear the boys had fun, and sorry to hear Tyler only got 10th but WOW 10th! Good for him!