Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Father's Amazing Love

I shamelessly stole this from my sister in law Jill's blog. I have seen this video before however not with this song. What an inspiration to all. Now if I can just somehow get my hands on a bike like that for Tyler and Caleb...imagine the possibilities.


Emily W said...

Love the pics below! You look so cute in that jacket! So cool! How fun! Go TY!

dana said...

Has anyone told you today you are the cutest mom ever?

jan said...

That is a great video. We do need to find a bike like that for Caleb. Wouldn't he love it? Very touching and inspirational.

Jill said...

This video totally rocks. Whenever anyone is having a bad day they should watch this and it will get them out of their funk!

Congrats to Tyler above too!

When is your ultrasound? I am dying to hear what your having!!??