Monday, September 8, 2008


Lotoja 2008 is now over and they are looking forward to Lotoja 2009 and helping Kevin get into the 1000 mile club. It was once again a success for them all. The stars aligned for Seth and he recieved a 4th place finish, he deserved it after the last two years. Tyler stayed with the guys--most of the time, won king of the mountain for his category and says it was his most favorite race. After the last feed zone in Alpine, and with only 52 miles to go, Kevin blew a wheel, and Jen raced to the car to get him a new one. Lisa and I raced to our car and I was wondering how the situation had changed and worried that Kevin was then going to have to race to the finish alone. But nothing gave me more pride than seeing that Tyler had sacrificed a top ten finish to stay with Kevin while he fixed his wheel, and then they worked together to the finish. Even with that 15 minute delay they were all able to finish the 206 miles in under 10 hours, that is quite an acomplishment.

Matt, Jim, Tyler, Seth, and Kevin
Ready to head out to the start line

Kevin and Tyler working together to the finish

Tyler is the one in the back just crossing the line

Kevin, Matt, Jim, Tyler and Seth

At the finish line, job well done boys!!

The support crew


Megan said...

Great job Tyler! And Mandy...we made it through one more year!

jan said...

Great race! The pictures are getting better too. I love the couple picture at the end. (But what is Tyler say?) Darling! Way to go team!

dana said...

Great job Tyler! And Mandy, I l-o-v-e your hair!

Jill said...

First off, you cut your hair!!!!!! Cute. Did you cut a million inches off? I bet it feels sooooooo different. It looks good :)
Congrats to Tyler. That is awesome he would sacrifice to help his buddy...what a cool dude!

julesttdmom said...

That is so wonerful!!!! congrats Tyler!!! Mandy you are such an awesome wife and cheer leader!wink!! BIG HUGS!

bribets said...

Cute hair! I can't believe Tyler can stand for the pictures after the ride. Wow. Congrats to both!