Thursday, June 25, 2009

High Uinta Classic

Last Saturday Tyler competed in the High Uinta Classic or otherwise known as the HYPOTHERMIA CLASSIC. It is an 80 mile race from Kamas, UT to Evanston, WY. For the whole month of June it has felt like we live in Oregon instead of Utah, because of all the rain fall. Saturdays weather was no different

Photo taken by Seth Bradley
At the start line, just barely drizzling, but as they crested the top of the mountain, the downpour came. Tyler's area of expertise is "climbing" and therefore reached the top of the mountain two minutes faster than the chasing group. He thought the group was right behind and slowed up so they could work together, he didn't know that they were so far behind. Had he known he would have continued on and placed first in his category. Instead he placed 5th

Photo taken by Seth Bradley

He said he was so cold that he was actually seeing stars. At the finish line they opened up the building and were giving the riders blankets and hot chocolate. He was shaking so bad that half of the hot chocolate ended up all over him and the floor

But through it all he came away with this sweet trophy to add to his stash

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Emily W said...

Tyler you are my hero! That just sounds so miserable to me! Bummer about maybe being able to be 1st--but that is still awesome to be 5th--but don't kill yourself for biking, ok? :) Love you guys! Good pics Mandy!