Monday, July 27, 2009

11 years

Last Thursday the 23rd, was our 11th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we thought we would take a "stay-cation" Tyler had some gift certificates from work for Hotel Park City. We stayed in an awesome room that had a hot tub on the patio. The boys were in Heaven!!!! Caleb also loved the swimming pool, he is definately a lover of water like his dad


Jeni said...

Congrats! Time flies!! Your room was amazing!!

Emily W said...

YEAH 11 years!! I loved the videos--how fun! I think we stayed there one time in the summer.

Presley family said...

First off Congrats!!! That is awesome!! Jason and I are about to hit our ten year. It is wonderful to see marriages that are under such stress from having a child with "challenges" do so well! The divorce rate is so high for our little group of the world. So, I am grateful to see y'all going strong!!!!!

I agree it is crazy how we are on the same wave length with our little staycations. Collin has been out of school and going CRAZY at home. He can only watch his DVD player so many times ect. BUT he is allergic to the sun and the heat triggers his seizures so it is a hard balance. As for traveling forget it! For a second we though maybe we would go and see his sister in Lehi but then reality hit of what the visit would be like and those hopes were crushed... that is when I wrote the post.

I think you should come to Disney and play with us!!!!! Collin is also VERY strong.. don't let his 30 pound frame fool you. wink! That is why I love having passes to disney. This way like to today if it is an off day and he starts having seizures and vomiting in the middle of the park we just go home. So, come and if our boys are acting out we will take them and their DVD players and hide from the world! wink!!!!

Brian and Beth said...

Congrats on 11 years! Wow you guys are amazing!