Thursday, July 8, 2010

Moose on the Loose

We went and did one of our favorite "hikes" around the lake at Brighton Ski Resort.

We didn't think we would see any animals because it was pretty busy, Holden did find some chipmunks to try and feed. But then a moose was spotted, while we were high on the trail. We made our way around and went back to see him just eating the bushes. Amazingly he didn't charge anyone. When he was done he just moved along, pretty amazing!!

We had spotted the moose and were watching it

Up close and personal


Jill said...

How fun!! Those pictures are beautiful...missing Utah!!

Emily W said...

That is so cool! I want to see a moose! I want to do that hike sometime. How cool! "There's a chocolate moose on the loose..." haha. Good times.

Diana said...

I miss the Cottonwood canyons being so close! We drove up them all the time when we lived there, and saw many moose! In fact, on Rob and I's first date, we drove up Big Cottonwood and a big moose was in the middle of the road, and then later we stopped and Maceys and won a blue moose from the game machine! Moose are kind of our theme animal! Fun times!

Brian and Beth said...

What a blast! So cool.

jan said...

Wow! A moose. That is fun. The pictures are beautiful. Caleb really enjoyed it, I can tell. LOL