Sunday, August 22, 2010


When did that happen??
My baby has gotten so big and is constantly learning new things--which doesn't help when he has a big brother who is willing to show him how everything works whether I want him to know or not.
He loves to dance to music and will get up and turn in circles when he hears it start
He is not quite talking yet but does know a few words.
Much to my dismay his first word was daddy
He also says "ya" to everything you ask him
He also tries to say "cheese" and "shoes"
But even though he doesn't know the words, he does understand everything you say and ask him to do
His most prized posession is his little puppy pillow pet, it is never far from him
He has quite the sweet tooth like his mom
He likes to take bike rides with his dad
He loves to be chased
He still just has 6 teeth but I felt a couple molars starting to come in on the top
I love him to pieces!!!!

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