Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lava Hot Springs

We spent a few days in Lava Hot Springs with my family. My parents rented this awesome house for all of us to stay in. We did lots of fun things, we got there on a Wednesday night and ate dinner and chilled out. On Thursday we went to their swimming pool that has water slides and then ate at a yummy hamburger joint. On Friday, Tyler and Nathan took the kids on a hike before we hit the river. In the afternoon most of the fam went down the Portneuf River. Tyler wanted Caleb to go as well and I agreed, the first run was rough to actually get into the water, but my sister found a better place for them to get in for the second run. I got to the bottom to wait and then see a two man float--Caleb and Tyler's come down empty. They had flipped and Tyler ended up gashing up his leg trying to get to Caleb, but they both made it out ok. We also went to the hot pools and they were HOT!! Caleb even got out himself because it was so hot. That night we had my mom sister's family over for a BBQ and smores. It was a fun little getaway.
The beautiful house that we stayed in

Caleb was traveling around the house and liked to get on the pool table

Tyler taking a picture of the kids looking out from where they slept

Grandma and Fin in the HOT pools!

Caleb getting himself out of the hot pools

The hiking group

Tyler trying to rest at the pool

Getting ready for the river

Tyler and Fin and Tylers banged up leg

Making Smores

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Jill said...

How fun! That sounds like a total blast. How many rooms were in the house? We are always looking for fun things to do like that too with my family.