Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Holden doesn't like that I am not much of a holiday house decorator, except for Christmas. So, he and Tyler made these headstones and put them in our planter box.

Holden's pumpkin, that he cleaned out and and cut the face out all by himself

Tyler's pumpkin, a creepy Wicked Willow's scene

About to head out trick or treating, Michael Jackson, swamp monster and the little lion. Fin was crying because Tyler was so scary looking

Swamp monster

Sweet little lion, went out trick or treating for his first time. Unfortunately it was cold and raining, but Tyler said he caught on real quick. He came home with quite the haul.

Michael Jackson doing his "moves"

Caleb the scary skeleton


Brian and Beth said...

SO cute! It was terribly rainy. Love those Michael Jackson moves:)

Emily W said...

Poor FIn!!! That was Bailey! Why be scary? I like the surfer one better! :) Caleb and Holden look awesome! I love the move that Holden did! And the little lion reminded me of the Wizard of OZ...wasn't it the lion who wanted to be brave? :)

Emily W said...

I forgot to say how awesome the Jack-O-Lanterns were! Love them!

dana said...

I love you and your family!

jan said...

I finally saw the Halloween pictures. I am very impressed with the pumpkin carving and the costumes were great. Caleb and Tyler were scary and I thought Holden really was Michael Jackson. Fin looks all cuddly.