Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Smarty Pants

This kid kills me!!
He is sooo stinkin smart, everyday he is saying new words. He FINALLY says mama, that makes me happy!
He soaks everything in. He could probably take care of Caleb in the next couple years. He basically points at everything that I need to do and where to put things, and hands me the plug to plug Caleb's feeding pump back in after he gets home from school.
He is doing better around Caleb and will even give him a hug or pat his arm, it is so sweet.
He loves to go places and as soon as we get to where we are going he yells "yeah"
He is still attatched to his puppy and dolphin blanket
He is busy busy busy!!! The only time he slows down is if he doesn't feel very good.
He isn't too thrilled with having his picture taken right now.
He associates Tyler with bikes, or everyone we see on a bike he thinks it is Tyler.
His favorite word of the moment is "car"
He isn't the best eater, he unfortunately likes junk food like his mom, we are both trying to work on that!
I wanted to write down all of his words for my own memory purposes. His words are: daddy, mama, TT(puppy), car, teeth, cake, five(he wants a high five), bath, cheese, shoes, cool, cold, ball, wa(water), ears, nose, more, bye bye, hi, hello, door(he says this when talking about a door, as well as when he wants something open), mamote(remote)
We all love him to pieces!!!

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Emily W said...

I just got caught up on all the posts...cute, cute. Holden's little friend party looked cute. Finley is so funny! That is so sweet about how he is with Caleb!