Saturday, January 29, 2011


Christmas this year was kept pretty low key. We had an early Christmas with my parents since they were flying out to Nikole's in Minnesota.
We had a dinner at Jan and Doug's on the day before Christmas Eve, with Emily, Bryson and Fam. As well as Landon, Jill and Fam. The kids always love to get together and go hog wild.
Christmas Eve was just our little family this year. Something we have never done before. Tyler read some stories, we made sugar cookies for santa, and then the boys opened their new jammies.
Christmas morning was really fun especially with Finley. He caught on real quick to opening the presents, and he took the time to want to enjoy each one before moving onto the next. He got a new "big" puppy to match his little puppy, as well as some other toys he has enjoyed. Holden got a new pair of skis, gloves, clothes, and some fun games. Caleb as usual could care less, he got a "back-up" for his most favorite Wiggle radio, as well as a huge load of AAA batteries. He burns through the batteries in days because he never puts the radio down.
Tyler's family-minus Emily's family came over for brunch. Tyler made yummy waffles, eggs and bacon. Afterwards we played some games, and Michael Jackson's Wii game while the babies slept. Once they woke up we all went bowling. Afterwards we headed over to Jan and Doug's for a spaghetti dinner that she whipped up.

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Bice's

Christmas morning

Finley with Grandma Jan


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Brian and Beth said...

I've never thought of bowling. That is so much cooler than a movie!