Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lava Hot Springs Part 1

We went to Lava Hot Springs again this summer for the Hatch Family Reunion

My dad, Brigham and Holden floating down the river

Brigham with his bag of goodies.  We stayed in the family suite at the Alpaca Inn.  My mom's sister Debbie and most of her kids stayed there as well.  As well as one of my mom's three brothers, so it was fun to hang out on the grass and talk

This kid has THE BEST run, we are always trying to capture it on camera

We all got together for a picnic lunch

My Grandpa "Poppy" Hatch's family settled in this area, this is called the Hatch School where my Great Grandma Hatch taught

Miles, Nate, Jayden and Holden standing in the windows

My uncle Bill, my mom and my aunt Debbie in front of the Hatch Loop/Hatch Rd sign

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