Friday, August 26, 2011

San Francisco Trip Day 3

On our second day in SF, my sister offered to watch the boys while Tyler and I went downtown to check out a few sights.  We knew that it was going to be cooler in SF but we didn't realize HOW cold it actually was going to be.  I wish I would have taken more pictures of their house and where they live.  But they live SW of downtown and are usually shrowded in the mistly fog all the time which makes it a lot cooler.  Downtown was not as bad, at least the sun was shining.  So that is why Tyler and I are all bundled up in the middle of summer!
Tyler and I on the steep street that we parked on to go to the Coit Tower

A picture of the Coit Tower from a distance

A view from the Coit Tower

Tyler took a picture of all the tourists taking pictures of Lombard Street.  We ended up driving down this street while trying to find the Coit Tower.  Lombard Street is the most crooked street in the world.

After Tyler and I took our little tour, we went and picked everyone up and went back downtown to Fishermans Wharf.  We went to Hyde's Street Pier, where we were able to tour a bunch of different vessels.  They gave the kids each a little book they could fill information out about all the boats, which turned out to be a big pain in the butt, because Holden was determined to do it and Tyler and I ended up doing most of it, fun for us!

Fin and I on the Ferry

Holden reciting the pledge that they made him do to get his badge.  The lady was really cute with the kids and really nice about it, so that made it easier!

Tyler made them all point at their dang badges!!  Can you believe the pants and jackets in August!!

Tyler and Nathan took Nate, Holden, Haley and Andy to a SF Giants baseball game that night.  Traffic ended up being so bad as we were leaving Downtown that we left them there to wait for Nathan since it was so close to the game.  So I then had to drive back to their house by myself.  I was pretty scared, you take your life into your hands while driving in CA!!
Tyler said it was a fun game but pretty cold and they were selling hot chocolate and he wanted some, once again this is the middle of August!!

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Nikole said...

Yeah. Those "dang" ranger badges! Sorry that was my bad! Also, CA does have some "dang" drivers as well! Any chance you'll come back? We miss you guys!