Friday, August 26, 2011

San Francisco Day 5

We went to the Discovery Kingdom Six Flags.  It was a lot of fun and the weather was perfect
Andy, Haley and Holden having their pictures taken

Waiting in line for their first ride

Finley pointed out where he wanted to go on the map

I love this picture.  Fin was scared to go on most of the rides that I tried to get him to go on.  Tyler and Nathan had taken the big kids to ride the roller coasters and Nikole and I had the littles.  But when we met back up with them he was more daring enough to ride the rides with Tyler.  Here he is with Michael waiting for the frog ride to start

Tyler said that while they were waiting, Fin said he needed to say a prayer, which is funny because he never says that so randomly, I guess he felt he needed the protection :)

Tyler had to put his hands on his shoulders so that he would feel safe, crazy kid!

This is how Caleb was most of the trip.  And looking back on the trip, I don't think I realized at the time, but he was soo good during the whole trip.  He never fought me and did what I needed him to do!

All of the big kids did this game and won a prize, and the next thing I know Fin is climbing out of the stroller saying that he was going to do it, so Tyler helped him

Michael, Holden, Fin and Andy

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Emily said...

OK, I decided not to comment on every single post of San Fran! But how fun! Six Flags would be a blast!!! Looks like you had a sunny day when you were there...That place is on my list of places to go! So jealous! :)