Friday, August 26, 2011

San Francisco Day 6

Our initial plan was to start heading home on Friday, but we decided to spend another day there.  Tyler went on a bike ride and rode across the Golden Gate Bridge, I was worried about him out there, it is pretty scary.  When he came home, Nikole took us to these concrete slides that were really fun for the kids.  It is a lot of fun until people start getting burns from the slide.  Finley kept wanting to go again and again.

Since Tyler grew up in Florida, he missed the ocean and was determined to see it.  Nikole took us to the beach in Pacifica, and it was sooooo cold!  The kids loved it, even though they looked bright red after playing in the water.  I was surprised at how more and more daring Fin got, he kept saying that the water was coming to get you.  But he loved throwing rocks in the water and then he eventually kept getting more and more wet, until he fell in the water and then he was done.  Tyler did go out and swim in it for a minute, it was too bad we didn't bring his wet suit and surf board.


Emily said...

SOOO cute! Ty told me about those concrete slides! Pretty cool! Love the beach pics...looked cold, though!

Heather said...

Fun trip/blog! Glad you got to go visit Nik and have a fun family trip. Wish we could've seen you and your cute family this summer!